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Left to right: Al Liebsch, fiddle; Sue Van Dyke, tin whistle, concertina;

Rory Modlinski, guitar, banjo, mandolin; Kristina Paris, flute; Debbie Wilhem, fiddle.

Sue Van Dyke has been with Ceol Cairde since its inception after taking tin whistle classes at the Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School. She has taught beginning whistle classes there for several years and also taught a semester class for the Celtic Studies program at UWM. She had a hand in developing the Irish Fest School of Music. Sue was even lucky enough to be able to participate in “The Largest Ceili Band in the World" during the Cork Folk Festival in 2013. Sue enjoys set dancing and participating in Irish Music Sessions, both locally and in Ireland.

Al Liebsch has had a lifelong interest in fiddle music. After years of listening, he decided to learn to play. While attending Irish Fest he became aware of the Irish Fest School of Music and took lessons with Maria Terres who gave him a good grounding in the basics of fiddle playing and now enjoys playing with Ceol Cairde.

Rory Modlinski grew up in a family immersed in Milwaukee Irish Fest. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing guitar, banjo, and mandolin.  He has played with numerous bands and has a solo CD titled "Roots". If Rory isn't on stage playing music, you may find him stage managing or working in the sound booth.  Rory also brings the gift of singing to Ceol Cairde!


Debbie Wilhelm is

Kristina Paris began playing classical flute in junior high school and taught beginning flute for several years. After taking Irish flute and other Irish cultural classes at the 1988 Milwaukee Irish Fest Summer School, she was hooked! Ceol Cairde was formed and has become one of the most joyful experiences in her life. Performing at ceili and set dances, weddings, concerts, and festivals has become a big part of her life, rounding out a fulfilling life of folding origami, raising monarch butterflies, gardening and a slew of volunteer projects!

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